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Timeaxis Digital Studios Co., Ltd. (known as "Timeaxis") was established in 2004. As one of the pioneers focus on digital film pipeline technology, Timeaxis has now developed into a leader in film and television digital production in East China region. 

Timeaxis HQ is located in Artinno Town, with branch offices and digital studios in Beijing, Shandong, Hengdian, Ningbo, and more coming locations. 

For the past couple years, Timeaxis is developing with a tremendous speed. AS VFX as company's cornerstone, Timeaxis has accomplished more than 200 films and TV series by using digitalised production Pipeline, such as, Film: "Shadow" by Le Vision Pictures,  "To the sky Kingdom" by Alibaba Pictures Group Limited, "Black and white, the Dawn of justice" by HLBN, "The dead end" by Bona Film Group, "Who sleeps my bro" by LE Vision Pictures; TV series: "The Legend of Condor Hero" by Ciwen Media,"Swords Of Legends Two" by Alibaba Pictures,  "The Honey Sank Like Frost" by Perfect World and other industry super IP and leading works.

Timeaxis is committed to becoming a full-workflow integrator of culture and technology. In 2014, it first introduced the Emmys-winning virtual production system from the U.S. and built the domestic-first virtual photo studio of digital film at Xiangshan Movie & TV Town in Zhejiang. With the establishment of its proprietary IPR-based “asset & world building library of HD virtual scene”, it has become the first professional company in China to apply this technology in filming. In 2015, with its key concept of “digital design + asset & world building + digital production”, the company has received the bronze price in Cultural and Creative Category of the 4th China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition and the title as one of the top 100 tech enterprises in Zhejiang. After years of specialized, technology-based operation, it became a NEEQ-listed company as the most professional and potential digital film & TV producer in East China in Sept. 2016, moving onto the capital stage as the veritable “first equity of NEEQ film technology”. This success has injected a stronger belief into Timeaxis that encourages it to work towards becoming a media group integrating film & television production, digital production and post-production throughout the industry chain!

“Vision Creator Creates Vision” is the key philosophy of Timeaxis, who never stops feeding the market with influential works and takes “becoming an influential brand in film industry” as the goal and path it will always cling to.