• 01
    3D Modeler 3D Modeler

    ▷  3D Modeler

    Job Responsibilities:

    - The modeler need cooperate closely with texture artist and rigging artist, modeling for the projects of film and TV in production workflow;

    - Modeling include: biological characters, scenes, props, 3D scanning, models repairing;

    - Have a good understanding of the assigned tasks and complete it,Need to work with the supervisor or project leader to determine the details of the model;

    - Actively cooperate with the project requirements of other groups, also with other production staff, and guidance junior / Intermediate modeler.

    Job Requirements:

    - Participate in model production of film / animation film project, understand the high-precision model production norms; 

    - Familiar with biological, characters, scenes, props modeling; proficient in expression production; basic grasp of 3D scanning technology;

    - Skillful in using PS, Maya, Zbrush, Mudbox and related software;

    - Proficient in expression production;

    - Excellent able to shape the model(the direction of sculpture and pure painting will be referred) ;

    - Serious and responsible, proactive, good communication and understanding, with excellent team spirit, honest, and working under pressure.

  • 02
    3D Animator 3D Animator

    3D Animator

    Job Responsibilities:

    - According to the director’s request, base on the script and storyboard to complete the layout, composition, sports lens in animation film、key pose、production and modification of the object’s motion;

    - Produce characters, the law of action of mechanical action, as well as facial expressions of characters; 

    - Art knowledge of composition, rhythm、color;

    - With the rigging artist to complete a simple rigging.

    Job Requirements:

    - Love the film and TV industry,skillful in using 3D Max、 Maya、familiar with AE and related software;

    - Interest in watching movies、 photography、have a good grasp of picture’s composition、lens’s setting and motion;

    - Fine arts or related majors, or have the related education background;

    - At least 1 year of working experience;  

    - Responsible for pre-layout working experience in 3D animation company;

    - Grasp the skills of the composition and sports lens, have a good understanding of editing, strong ability to grasp the rhythm and timing.

  • 03
    Compositing Artist Compositing Artist

    Compositing Artist

    Job Requirements:

    - Familiar with post-production software, such as NUKE、Shake、 AE etc., and related graphic design software;

    - Have a certain art foundation, strong sense of beauty、design and editing capacity;

    - Understand the post-product process and be able to cooperate with the operation of other parts;

    - Have good skills of communication and team work;

    - Film and TV、art or CG related majors or self-taught.

    The following conditions will be preferred:

    - Have certain 3D software operation experience;

    - Have good understanding on the photograph, film and TV production, especially the influence of the light and lens on the pictures;

    - Love CG industry and be good at communication and sharing, ability to adapt to cooperative work environment, obey the department leader and accept the feedback of the person in charge, highly-motivated and thirst for knowledge;

    - Well organized, high work efficiency and be able to work under pressure. 

  • 04
    Production Coordinator Production Coordinator

    Production Coordinator

    Job Responsibilities:

    - Familiar with process specification and regulations inside the department, responsible for reasonably allocating resources by cooperating the leader in each department and solving daily problems inside the department; 

    - In accordance with the task nodes the project producer provides, responsible for coordinating the leaders in each department to follow the task    progress inside the group; 

    - To effectively promote the connection of upstream and downstream links, know about the productions of all projects inside departments, feedback the appearing problems in time and effectively solve it; 

    - To truly feedback the working saturation and working status of the producers; 

    - To report the usage degree of production resources once in each week and pre-judge    the arrangement and problems, which are found unreasonable; 

    - To confirm with the producer and coordinate  his daily work、able to use the tools of  uploading and downloading; 

    - Familiar with operating all of the tools of the process, which can be used every day.

    Job Requirements: 

    - With relevant industry experience, Flim and TV production experience will be preferred;

    - Proficient in using Word and Excel;

    - Have a good organization, communication and time management skills;

    - Careful、deliberate、 excellent logic, with strong comprehension and execution;

    - Have a ability to bear the pressured and adapt to the irregular overtime.

  • 05
    Software Development Engineer (Pipeline TD) Software Development Engineer (Pipeline TD)

    Software Development Engineer (Pipeline TD)

    Job Description: 

    Pipeline TD will work under the supervision of R&D director and cooperate closely with the CG supervisor, and other supervisors to build up an    effective CG production process. Each Pipeline TD shall be responsible for the production process of the project. The development, deployment    and maintenance of the process and software, as well as the integration of third-party plug-ins, are involved in this job.    The job requires relatively strong software development skills, professional knowledge in one or multiple programming languages and ability to    design reliable and maintenance friendly codes and tools with high quality.

    Job Responsibilities:

    - Use Python to develop relevant plug-ins    and scripts based on CGTeamwork process. Deploy, maintain and manage the pipeline software, such as Ftrack or Shotgun;

    - Assist to establish the digital assets library of the company, design the management process for digital assets and develop relevant software;

    - Assist to develop relevant plug-ins for Maya, Houdini and Nuke according to the project requirements.

    Job Requirements:

    - Associate degree or above, skilled with python and c++ or java programming, with over one-year development experience;

    - Proficient in the data structure and common algorithms;

    - Skilled in GiT version management and relevant technologies, such as MySQL database;

    - Applicants with first-line CG production experience, python developers, Mel language master is a big plus;

    - Ability to hard-working, careful, conscientious and excellent team work spirit.

  • 06
    Scene Designer Scene Designer

    ▷ Scene Designer

    Job Responsibilities:

    - To restore CG scene and make sure the perfect combination of CG scenes and real-shot, as well as other CG elements; 

    - To conduct the simple model assets treatment, like UV and texture, so that they can be mutually introduced among multiple software.

    Job Requirements:

    - Skillful using in Maya and Max, simply using in ZB、PS、 AE、Nuke;

    - Ability to make simple Modeling;

    - To be interested in engine production scenes, like Cryengine or UE4; 

    - To have a more powerful capacity on the field atmosphere and spatial layout, and normal molding and colors; 

    - The applicant, who can make engines, like  Cryengine and UE4, is preferential;

    - With the scene production experience of Movie and TV Series will be preferred. 

  • 07
    Lighting / Rendering Lighting / Rendering

    Lighting / Rendering

    Job Responsibilities:

    - To conduct the production of the atmosphere of light & shadow in accordance with requirements; 

    - Responsible for the whole pipeline of light rendering; to use 3D software language to customize the tool of light rendering; 

    - To conduct the close cooperation with the pre-pipeline    team and compositing team, in order to provide solutions of problems about all kinds of arts and techniques.

    Job Requirements:

    - Have a deep understanding of Maya and Houdini Renderer (ability to use Houdini Renderer is a plus);

    - Familiar with using Nuke to conduct the pre-compositing operation of rendering documents; 

    - To have a good understanding and presence capacity on light & shadow, and texture.

  • 08
    Digital Matte Painting Artist Digital Matte Painting Artist

    Digital Matte Painting Artist

    Job Responsibilities:

    - According to the project requirements to complete high-quality digital matte painting for footage production;

    - Understand customer’s requirements, according to the director and customer feedback to modify;

    - Able to actively cooperate to complete projects. 

    Job Requirements:

    - Associate degree or above in art design, or related field, with strong art foundation;

    - Proficient in using PS, familiar with May and Nuke;

    - Have a good understanding of the film and TV post-production process;

    - Ability to matte painting for the shots of full CG, and be used in 3D environment, able to control the atmosphere, color, light, shadow and perspective;

    - With aesthetic and creative ability, adapt to a variety of matte painting styles;

    - Have a good cooperation and communication skills, a strong sense of responsibility and team awareness. 

  • 09
    Editing in Post-Production Editing in Post-Production
  • 10
    Matchmove Artist Matchmove Artist
  • 11
    FX Artist FX Artist

    ▷ FX Artist

    Job Responsibilities:

    - FX rendering and pre-compositing of CG elements; Make sure the CG FX elements perfectly match the imaging produced by other departments;

    - Solve the real physical simulation problems, such as the real imitation of objects, fluids, fire, smoke, fragments, hair, etc;

    - Ability to use tracking software, such as PFTrack, Boujou, etc., to restore the space of objects in the lens;

    - simple model of texture mapping, and have a good command of basic animation motion regulation.

    Job Requirements:

    - Skillful in using Maya, Houdini, 3D Max and related software and plugins;

    - Familiar with the FX production process, particle motion, rigid body and fluid calculation; 

    - Understand the natural phenomenon, object movement and texture, have a strong interest in physics and science fiction fields, and good at      reproduce the natural phenomenon by pen or pixel;

    - Able to finish the shot for rendering independently and have a good command of basic render;

    - Understand the C/C or Python programming language, or have experience in film FX production or related fields.

  • 12
    Animation Rigging Artist Animation Rigging Artist

    Animation Rigging Artist

    Job Responsibilities: 

    - Able to work together to complete related animation characters;

    - Have a basic understanding of the anatomy, able to produce two feet or four feet with skeletons, skin, and controller by maya;

    - Understand related basic knowledge of film production, and have a good understanding on the relationship of light and shadow, color knowledge, photography and filming knowledge.

    Job Requirements:

    - Be passionate with clear thinking and good independence, and proficient with Maya and related software;

    - Able to analyze the role animation and mechanical movement requirements based on the model and finish the setting independently;

    - Able to complete simple modification and optimization on the models, produce simple animation and test the effect;

    - Understand the rigging technology of muscle system, have abundant experience on the role rigging and skeleton setting;

    - Have a good understanding on the animation requirements of the director and animation team leader;

    - Applicants with solving experience of hair and cloth or mel scripting experience will be preferred;

    - Love the film industry and understand the production process of film and TV drama.

  • 13
    Concept Artist Concept Artist

    Concept Artist

    Job Description:

    Responsible for the settings of the atmosphere of the film and television scene, the specific objects, roles and architectural style.

    - Have unique personal understanding of the concept design;

    - Have a strong drawing skills and be familiar with design concepts, have realistic drawing style and clear understanding of different styles;

    - Possessed of excellent artistic capacity and perfect design ability, with work experience of animation, cartoon or illustration are preferred;

    - With relevant project experience are preferred.

    Job Requirements:

    - Fine arts or related majors, associate degree or above with solid art foundation;

    - Skilled in Photoshop, understand relevant production software, such as Maya and Nuke, and able to finish high quality digital matte painting as per the project requirements;

    - Understand the post-production process of film and TV;

    - Ability to matte painting for the shots of full CG, and be used in 3D environment, able to control the atmosphere, color, light, shadow and    perspective;

    - With aesthetic and creative ability, adapt to a variety of matte painting styles;

    - Have a good cooperation and communication skills, a strong sense of responsibility and team awareness.

  • 14
    Colorist Colorist


    Job Description:

    Department: Post-production Department

    Application Software: Color, Lustre, DaVinci

    Position type: Full -Time 

    Start Time: Immediately

    Language: Fluent Mandarin, Basic English with Reading Ability

    Job Requirements:

    - Proficient to using Color, Lustre, DaVinci and other related color system and FCP editing system;

    - With strong art foundation and color sense;

    - Art, film and TV production and related arts graduate or self-taught.

    The following conditions will be preferred:

    - With editing experience;

    - Have good understanding of film and TV production process.

    Other Requirements: 

    - Love the CG industry, good at communication and sharing, adapt to the environment of collaborative work, agree with the supervisor's     arrangement, learn from the leader’s feedback, self motivation,  have a thirst for knowledge;

    - Strong reasonability, high working efficiency, ability to handle pressure at work.

    Job Responsibilities:

    - Ability to complete the advertising of film and TV, color work of film and TV drama.

      (Please Send us your resume and cover letter, include art portfolio. )