The Dead End

Director: Cao Baoping
To star: Deng Chao / Duan Yihong / Guo Tao / Wang Luodan / Lǚ Songxian

The movie is adapted from Sun Spot, a long novel written by female writer Xu Yigua. It tells the story that three sworn brothers raised an orphan girl together. Danger was arisen under seemingly calm situation and a major case was also dragged in by chance.

Award-winning experience:
Best Actor and Best Director, the 18th Shanghai International Film Festival
Best Movie, the 33rd Hundred Flowers Award
Best Supporting Actress, the 13th Changchun Film Festival
Movie of the Year, the 11th Chinese American Film Festival

Included in the showreel of 2015 NAB The Foundry Global Best Visual Effects (the only one in Greater China)

Included in the best visual effects shot of Autodesk 2016

The film has a total of 387 visual effect scenes, and in order to give better guidance on visual effect, the Timeaxis Visual Effect Team has completed a large quantity of dynamic Previz preview before shooting.

In the tall building chase scene between Deng Chao and Duan Yihong, the glass curtain wall is set on all sides of the building. To meet the director's requirements for scene authenticity, the "Timeaxis" Visual Effect Team scanned more than 10 square kilometers of venues, and built a virtual scene of the same size in the computer, which serves as reflective materials for CG building. All the structure details of the building's interior seen through the glass are built in a three-dimensional manner. The film's visual effects shot was the only one listed in the showreel of 2015 NAB The Foundry Global Best Visual Effects in Chinese region.

VFX Director: Chen Yi

Art Director: Fei Ying

Chief Technology Officer: Zhu Jiming

VFX Producers: Yu Jingqiu / Jiang Shan / Zou Qi

3D Supervisor: Li Wei

Senior 3D Artists: Huang Yongxiang / Shen Xufeng / He Wei

3D Artists: Chen Yuan / Zhang Bing / He Xinquan / Zhang Linshuang / Yu Hui / Yang Yi / Han Chao / Liu Shaolu / Tang Zikai

Compositing Supervisor: Chen Yanfei

Senior Compositing Artists: Wei Yahan / Wang Yongzhi

Compositing Artists: Chen Zhipeng / Zhang Yujie / Wang Yi / Sun Wei / Qiu Suyuan

Assistant Compositing Artists: Shi Liang / Wang Li / Wang Leijian/ Jiang Meiling / Cheng Guanghui / Sun Yukun

Digital Matte Painters: Gao Minghan / Xu Dan / Zhou Jie / Liang Jiawen

Original Material
Final Effect
On-Site Guidance
Filming On-Set
Filming On-Set