Cock and Bull

Director: Cao Baoping
To star: Liu Ye / Zhang Yi / Duan Bowen / Wang Ziwen / Tan Zhuo

The movie tells a funny black story of escaping and chasing happened among automotive electrician Song Laoer, who was the suspect of a cruel murder occurred in a remote western village, and Wang Youquan, a sorehead gangster and Dong Xiaofeng, a head waitress in nightclub.

The film named Cock and Bull is the fruit of the fourth cooperation between director Cao Baoping and Timeaxis. The film, as always, continues the realistic style of director Cao Baoping, and Timeaxis is mainly responsible for the production of visual effect shots, such as shootout, motorcycle chase and mass action scenes. When producing the motorcycle chase scene, the Timeaxis Visual Effect Team rebuilt every motorcycle and car in the three-dimensional software, and used the fluid to calculate the fume generated by each car. The steps of fluid production may guarantee that the fume produced conforms to the aerodynamics and looks real.

As for the adventure scene that the hero drives a truck and falls off cliffs, based on various unexpected conditions and in addition to the real-shot scheme, the visual effect directors Zhu Jiming and Chen Yanfei of Timeaxis have scanned and sampled the vehicle to be filmed in advance, so as to obtain the vehicle material and illumination information and prepare high-precision CG model for post production.

Award-winning experience:
Best Actor, the 19th Shanghai International Film Festival
Best Director, the 8th International Chinese Film Festival
Actor of the Year, the 8th China Film Directors' Guild

VFX Directors: Chen Yi / Zhu Jiming

VFX Producer: Ji Haiying

Vice President Of Production: Fei Ying

Project Producer: Yu Jingqiu

Project Coordinators: Zou Qi / Jiang Shan

Compositing Director: Chen Yanfei

Compositing Artists: Chen Zhipeng / Niu Pengyu / Cui Jihui/ Qian Jie / Wei Yahan / Wang Yongzhi

Roto Artists: Cen Hang / Chen Qiang / Zhou Dapeng

3D Director: Shen Xufeng

3D FX Artists: Huang Yongxiang / Zhang Linlu / Zhang Bing / Yang Yingrui

Digital Matte Painters: Zhang Qinnan / Ren Guanzhou / Ling Ling

Behind-the-Scene Story:

CG Modeling

Filming On-Set