Once Upon a Time

Director:  Zhao Xiaoding / Anthony LaMolinara
To star:  Liu Yifei / Yang Yang / Luo Jin / Yan Yikuan

The movie tells the romance of Bai Qian, the daughter of Qingqiu Emperor, and Ye Hua, the son of Cloud Nine Emperor, in pre-life, this life and future life.

The heavenly palace of set in Once Upon a Time is an anti-gravity environment, so  the characters, the physical principles of objects  in this palace are unconventional. During making this palace footage, Timeaxis designed nearly 20 different forms of cloud, and our visual staffs adjusted parameters of the flowing effect of various clouds, to achieve the effect of a "In symmetry up and down, but not exactly the same" contradictory space.

In producing the footage of the main actress (acted by Liu Yifei) , who lying under a peach blossom forest at the beginning of the film, 3D engine department has built a rich and distinctive peach tree, to making it perfect integration with the real build peach blossom forest, and also had full of aura. 

In order to enhance the atmosphere of safe and peaceful, the compositing artists adjusted the light and shadow strictly in details. From a distance of light, clouds, mountains, grass and then Peach Blossom Forest and actress, all levels of light and shade brightness have been meticulously and repeatedly adjusted.

VFX Director: Chen Yi
Art Director: Fei Ying
CG Supervisor: Shen Xufeng
VFX Producer: Yu Jingqiu
FX Artist: Zhang Bing / Wu Lei
3D Modelling Artists: He Xinquan / Chen Yuan /Zheng Senjun / Ma Xiangdong
Animator: Han Chao
Matchmover: Huang Yongxiang
Compositing Artists: Hang Wei / Qian Jie
Roto Artists: Lai Zhipeng/ Wu Zhoupeng / Huang Haohai / Liu Yongle
Matte Painter Artists: Tian Ao/ Zhou Jie

Behind-the-Scene Story:

Material Stitching
Digital Compositing
Matte Painting of Peach Blossom Forest
Final Effect of Peach Blossom Forest