Vision of The Westbound Way

Timeaxis’s “Vision of the Westbound Way” won the gold medal of the international advanced imaging work award.
The award was founded by China Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers.

“Vision of the Westbound Way” was produced by more than 1,396 high quality panorama stitching materials carefully selected from the digital asset repository of the Timeaxis.

All materials used in this work are obtained by the research and development team, outdoor photography team and aerial photography team of the Timeaxis with exclusive panorama photography equipment of Timeaxis. They visited 168 spots for photography all around the world, and crossed three continents in three years to shoot these pictures. After collected the materials, the Timeaxis stitching department will stitch the digital images to a complete panorama of high definition and wide viewing angle through panoramic stitching technique. These panoramas can provide film and and TV materials for virtual shooting. By now, Timeaxis has formed nearly 4,000 exclusive high quality panoramic assets of 5 series, and the asset repository is still being enriched continuously.

Director:Chen Yi
Art Director:Zhu Jimin/Chen Yanfei
Panoramic Camera Director:Zhu Liang/Sun Lue
Panoramic Cameraman:Sun Haopeng/Liu Jingpeng/Li Rongyao/Cai Ling/Ji Tianqi/Liao Chuanqi/Tao Xuekai/Wang Qian/Qing Yunqian/Zhang Wenjun/Bai Ronbing/Chen Yue/Xie Ke
Aerial Cameraman:Sun Haopeng/Li Rongyao
Digital Stitching:Hu Po
Digital Coordinator:Chen Shaoqian
Editor:Du Xiaoyan
Colour Correcting:Zhang Min
Broadcast Design:Ling Daochang/Wu Kaicun/Weng Jianan
DCP:Pin Kailei
Technical Support:Ten Jiawen

Behind-the-Scene Story: